December 18, 2009




In my next installment of color psychology, I’d like to explore the 2 colors that are most predominant in nature; blue and green.  Interestingly, both colors are very similar in their translation into your mood.  Let’s explore.


{BLUE}  The color of peace and tranquility.  It’s been stated that people are more productive in blue rooms.  Although, be careful.  It can cause feelings of sadness…we don’t want to cause people to have “A case of the Monday’s”.  While blue can calm people, it can also decrease your appetite.  People typically stay away from blue foods (aside from blueberries and plums)…blue is usually an indication that something has spoiled or is poisonous.  If you want to eat less, eat off of a blue plate.

{FUN BLUE FACT}: In Columbia, Blue is associated with soap.  Yep, soap.  Can’t get more random than that!


{GREEN} The color of relaxation…being one with nature.  This is proved by the slogan “Go Green’.  Green often will calm us and refresh us…think of the “Green Room”, used to calm those before a televised interview or talk show.  Green can also cause us to improve our reading ability in speed and comprehension. 

{FUN GREEN FACT}: There is a superstition that sewing with green thread on the eve of a fashion show brings bad luck to their design house.

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  1. Love that you are promoting the use of color and helping to educate people about it, but sorry– there are no definitive studies about blue suppressing appetite. As matter of fact, blue china and dinnerware is a big seller all over the world, cobalt blue glasses and glass plates are very popular (think Williams Sonoma and nexican glassware) so you would think there would lots of thin people as a result, whereas people are getting fatter, especially in U.S. That is an urban legend, especially when blue berry flavors are mixed in smoothies, drinks and with yogurts. There are blue potatoes now, blue corn chips, blue m&ms, blue sweet enticements on cakes and pastries. My advice is not to pick up on the old urban legends without checking more recent and credible info. I have written 7 books on color, have three websites and a blog and am always looking at more current info to update the old legends that simply are no longer true.

    Leatrice Eiseman

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