June 1, 2010

After a fairly long, unintentional hiatus, I’m back to bring you more color facts.  Today we’ll briefly explore Yellow and Purple.  Fun!

{YELLOW} Overall, yellow is a happy and uplifting color.  Some studies show that it can cause you to be more decisive and alert; and cause your muscles to become more energetic.  On the other hand, some studies suggest that yellow can cause one to go quite mad.  Think of the angry lawyer scribbling away on his/her yellow legal pad…just saying.

{FUN YELLOW FACT} In Asia, yellow is sacred and imperial.

{PURPLE} The color of royalty, luxury, wealth and sophistication.  Where did we originally get this rare, un-natural color?  From the from the glands of the murex shellfish, to be exact (or so they say).  For all of us out there who are thinking “Save the Shellfish!”, no worries.  Thank the British.  In 1856 they developed the first synthetic dye.  So now all the peasants out there can use purple to their heart’s content.  I painted my laundry room eggplant purple.  You better believe that I feel like the Queen while I pair socks.

{FUN PURPLE FACT} In England, purple was worn as a color…or colour…of mourning in the 20th century.  Ok, so mourning and ‘Fun fact” don’t exactly work together, but it’s interesting nonetheless. 

Thanks for reading this installment of Color Psychology.  As always, I’m not claiming to be an expert, just culling interesting information for you all to munch on.

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