October 14, 2010

If I say “transparent glass roofing tiles”, what would you think?  That I was crazy?  Well, a company out of Sweden, SolTech Energy, created a solution for clean solar power.  Totally nuts and awesome at the same time.  This invention recently won the award for “Hottest New Material” for 2010…because it 1. Is amazing, 2. Weighs the same as clay tiles, 3. Heats clean air, not water.  They claim that these can be used for both residential and commercial use…for what I’m sure is a small (read $$$$$$$) fee…

Intrigued?  Read here for more information!  http://www.soltechenergy.com/en/index.php/commercial/

Don’t judge me…I looked for the name of the company who assigns the awards, but it’s in Swedish.


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