October 20, 2010

With all the trees that get used up for various things – home construction, flooring, (expensive) millwork and on and on…how in the world are we going to keep up?  Sure, the FSC has rules and regulations in place…but not everyone cares; and what about from before they existed?

Thanks to Lockheed Martin, the military innovation company, they have an idea to put 2,500 decommissioned C-130 Cargo Planes back into use.  Originally used to drop landmines, they are going to be retrofitted to drop tree seeds.  Currently, the 2,500 planes are sitting in 70 different countries.

They estimate they will be able to drop 900,000 seeds/day.  Wow.  Sure, this will take some time to build up, but we gotta start somewhere!

Read more here: http://inhabitat.com/2010/10/20/old-military-planes-repurposed-to-drop-900000-tree-bombs-a-day/


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  1. D Says:

    Great idea!!!

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