November 1, 2010

You wait for a bus…why not wait for your car?  …to drive itself to you…?  The wait to live like the Jetson Family is increasingly shrinking…or so it seems.  Engineers at the Berlin Free University claim that this new “dial-a-car” can reduce traffic congestion by up to 80%.

They say that this car, dubbed MIG [MadeInGermany] is summoned by your smartphone or iPad.  Using a combination of satellite navigation, 3D imagery and laser scanners, the car will drive right to you.  They claim to reduce traffic by 80% due to the amount of carpooling that will occur.  In a perfect world, maybe…but we live in a world where people would almost rather stand on a subway train than sit by a stranger…We’ll see about that. 

In the meantime, check out the new neighbors…

Read more here:

And here:


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