STG Design’s, “The Little Engine That Could” Wins Jurors' Favorite at CANstruction Austin 2010

November 15, 2010

Our STG Design team decided to build “The Little Engine That Could,” with our theme being, “I Think I CAN!”   The Little Engine That Could taught us all at a young age to conquer mountains for the selfless benefit of others.  As adults, we tend to forget how much of a difference we can make with just the smallest steps.  CANstruction is organized each year to remind us of the impact of just “One Can,” so we used this opportunity to remind the community to think to ourselves, “I think I CAN!”  We chose our design, cans, and colors based on the original children’s book by Watty Piper, while also choosing cans and sizes for their usability at the Capital Area Food Bank.

We chose foods such as chicken soup, tuna, chili, beans and fruit in hopes that our structure would be a nutritional and delicious contribution to the Food Bank.  We used many name-brand label cans in a variety of sizes ranging from the tiniest of mushroom cans to hundreds of 52 oz. cans of beans.  We raised enough money to purchase over 3,000 canned goods from HEB.  Every can will be donated to the Capital Area Food Bank next week after our structure is taken down.

Our structure, showcased at Barton Creek Mall, consisted of about 19 layers and rose to almost 9 feet tall, thousands of cans, and plywood for each layer.

Check out the article in the Daily Texan and our video on KXAN!


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