Project Spotlight – MLG Advertising

March 15, 2011

Our Nashville office recently completed a cool project for MLG Advertising.  STG Design renovated a 30,000 SF two story brick structure originally built in 1926 as the new home for MLG. The Malham Leverage Group (MLG) includes cj Advertising, Legal Intake Professionals, Med View Services and Oasis Resources.


The design concept centers around creating a space that encourages connectivity and communication within all the groups. A two and a half story atrium was created to bring natural light from the existing clerestory windows and provide a sense of openness to the plan. The break room was placed adjacent to the atrium on the second floor as a core gathering space for dining and recreation. On the main floor of the central atrium rises an eighteen foot high bookcase that anchors the volume and centralizes the importance of continuing education through the company wide reading program. Offices and departmental spaces surround these core elements emphasizing the culture of community and teaming that defines the core values of MLG. Way to go Nashville!

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