Project Spotlight – LiveStrong Cancer Navigation Center

March 28, 2011

The Austin office worked with the Lance Armstrong Foundation to create a Cancer Navigation Center in Austin. The LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center, located in East Austin, provides a range of free services for anyone affected by cancer. This includes people diagnosed with cancer, their families, friends, loved ones and the health care professionals who work with them.

The LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center had a grand opening on Friday at their new facility. STG Design revitalized an existing warehouse space into a welcoming and open environment for the Cancer Navigation Center. This will be a model for future centers and will act as a central hub for financial, medical and personal guidance to individuals who have cancer.

The shell space, originally the Gulf Coast Paper Co. warehouse, offered many design opportunities. One of the existing feature is an exposed structural system of wood beams and joists. During the conversion, the beams were stained clear to protect them while the smaller joists were painted to match the wood ceiling. Along with skylights in the roof, these original ‘bones’ became the industrial framework for a modern office environment.

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