LCRA Dalchau Building Achieves Energy Star Rating

April 19, 2011

A big congratulations to Tim and Lisa and the LCRA Dalchau Service Center Building team! STG Design got news that the design for the LCRA Dalchau Service Center Office Building located in Austin, Texas has achieved Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR® certification.  The SEDI acknowledges that the building design’s estimated energy does achieve ENERGY STAR ® — a rating 75 or greater. STG Design is also now an Energy Star Partner. STG Design was also invited to create a board for the LCRA Dalchau project to be displayed at the upcoming AIA National Convention.

The LCRA Service Center Office Building will be located on LCRA’s existing campus at 3505 Montopolis Drive. The project team was faced with the challenge of incorporating an economic building material such as concrete tilt-wall with the existing campus’ metal panel façade.  The building will utilize conventional concrete tilt-up construction to create a healthy, sustainable, open-office work environment for the LCRA Transmission Services Group. This basic construction technique is often used in industrial buildings. This new building in essence will be a simple concrete ‘box’ that will be enhanced with glass, masonry and steel architectural features that draw their inspiration from the materials and construction details used to build transmission towers and hydroelectric dams.  These architectural features, in turn, assist visitors with way-finding and function as solar shading devices that improve the overall performance of the building envelope. 

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