Good Stuff

June 7, 2011

STG Design has lots of interesting stuff going on. Here is just some of it. Congrats to Bianca Tilley the Austin STG Employee of the Month! She is an interior designer and brings a great attitude and willingness to go the extra mile.

Things seem to be picking up in the design world and STGers are getting busy with new projects. Nashville recently was awarded interior design for two law firms. Nashville will also be helping the Houston office with a 60,000 sf building in Kentucky for a gas transmission company.

Austin interiors are working on Retro Studios/Nintendo, Arthrocare 130,000 sf in 2 buildings and FBI which is 50,000 sf just to name a few.

Seaholm is getting hot for Austin. STG Design is teamed with Ayers Saint Gross, TBG and others on this large, mixed-use development.

Due to the great job, STG Tucson are doing on the Hilton Head project, they have picked up new projects from the client. It’s proven that it’s easier to get work from an existing client that loves the work you are doing versus a new client who doesn’t know you.

Every touch you have with the client from phone calls to emails to being responsive, has a big impact every day for STG. Thanks for all you do!

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