After the Sand is Gone

June 9, 2011

Here is the update from the sandcastle competition from STGer Chris Covey:

“We’ve done it again!  The last weekend was the 25th anniversary event for the AIA Houston Sandcastle Competition. This event lets lots of people in the design and construction professions from all over Texas to gather and compete against each other while ‘playing’ in the sand! Great turn out and team effort for the whole weekend!  I’ve attached a team photo of the end result and of the site signage.  We had a team of over 40 hard working minions and were very ambitious in our goals. 

I also want to thank (STGers) Denisse Valle for all the help with the team shirts, (she basically did those all by herself – and it’s the first year we’ve had shirts in over 4 years and people from the crowd were wanting to buy them off of our backs!) and with the sign! Gregory Mertens made the 3D digital models, helped with design and ran some good workforce teams on the site and all the loading and unloading.  Roberta for making sure nobody got sun burned that didn’t want to and for keeping us fed and hydrated.  Rich for all the hard work and support for me! (sanity checks and stuff etc.)”

A big thank you to Chris for all his hard work in putting this together for STG Design and the team!


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