June 16, 2011

Do you judge a book by it’s cover, or which product to buy based on packaging?  I’ll admit, I do on occasion.  Especially if it’s a product I know little about.  Some how good packaging design = better product in my brain.

El Mil Del Poaig in Valencia, Spain has one of the most espensive olive oils in the world.  I can’t even find the price on the site – which tells me, if I have to ask, then I probably can’t afford it.  Some of their olive trees are upwards of 3,000 years old.  That’s old.

They ship their product , seemingly, everywhere.  Which begs the question “What does one use to ship one of the most expensive olive oils to all corners of the earth?”  Excellent question, I’m glad you asked.

Cardboard.  You know, the same stuff that you move with.  And not even in a cardboard box.  They just stacked it up, cut a hole in the middle for the (beautiful) oil jar to sit in, and off it goes!  And it’s stunning…as stunning as a stack of cardboard can be. 

Here’s more information on the Olive Oil Company

Here’s more information on the Design Firm, CuldeSac


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