STG Design – Tucson – Meet Jeffrey and Anyce!

April 16, 2012

Everyone welcome Jeffrey and Anyce to our team!

Jeffrey Simon

In the Tucson corner of STG Design, weighing in at 164 pounds and looking to keep it that way, Tucson Native, Jeffrey Simon.  His formative years in the Sonoran Desert fostered an appreciation for the shade and a loathing for the heat.  He earned his Bachelor of Architecture through the University of Arizona’s College of Architecture and holds Professional Registration in Arizona, as well as being a LEED Accredited Professional. Jeff has seven years working in the profession on custom residential, residential cluster and commercial retail design. He recently completed four years of being an Uncle, which has simultaneously motivated and terrified him.  In his free time Jeff designs and constructs small to medium scale furniture.

Anyce Paquette

Say hello to this high-energy, fun-filled Interior Designer at your Tucson office. She is a 5’-4”, thin brunette who likes hiking, gardening, and building 3D models for client meetings. An alumnus of the Southwest University of Visual Arts, Anyce graduated with honorable mention, and brings with her a diverse work history ranging from education and corporate interiors to healthcare and multi-family facilities. As an active member of IIDA, Anyce can bring you high-energy and connectivity with the Southwest design industry.


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