2012 Sandcastle Competition

June 12, 2012

On June 2nd, STG Design competed in the 26th Annual AIA Sandcastle Competition at East Beach, Galveston, TX.
Our theme was the Texas Avengers, to take advantage of the popularity of the movie coming out.  We were joined by PKB Engineers, Engineering 360, IE2 (squared) Construction, and DAJ Construction along with friends and family making a great group of over 60 teammates.
Team Leaders were Chris Covey and Denisse Valle. Kelly Henson, Patrick Lamb, Darrell Westcott, Brittney Couch and Shayna Finn also participated.
We were a well-oiled and very well sunscreen-protected machine. We didn’t win any trophies but we were mentioned (and partially pictured) on the front page of the Galveston Daily News.
Even though we didn’twin, everyone in the group said how much they enjoyed working on the project and with each other. It was a great team-building experience and many were thinking of ideas for next year on the way home.
For more photos check out STG Design on Flickr.

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